Case Study

Hall of Fame Coach coaches Youtube Star with the Downshift Board

Case Study

Downshift Board helps Amateur Gain 30 Yards and Improve Low Point Control

Ground Control, Prepare for Launch

Your Personal Ground Reaction Force Training Center

Learn + Improve + Train all three GRFs

Pressure Shifts Torque plain simple English that makes sense

As a top junior golfer I have tried everything to gain speed from pedals to speed sticks to seeing PGA Tour Coaches. Tried the Downshift Board for 30 Min, gained 10 MPH. Shot a 61 in a big college tourney a few months later and set a course record

J Sosa

I use the Downshift Board every day with my students to simplify a tough concept for students to grasp.

D Faulk PGA

Although I have force plates, I'll often use the Downshift Board to simplify the concept of pressure shifts for my students.

M Davis PGA