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The Downshift Board

The Downshift Board

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Stop pulling the club down, the swing starts from the ground up, use your legs, use your feet, it’s all in the hips..we’ve heard it all but how do we actual train for it? We’ve learned a lot about pressure shifts since golf training technology has become more advanced but how do you train for it at home or on a range without all that expensive software? Answer: The Downshift Board ®

The Downshift Board® accentuates your movements so you can see when and where you’re moving your pressure from the start of the swing all the way through your follow through.  Do you think you’re hanging back for too long? Not sure if you’re moving your weight into your trail side fully? Unsure if your transition is beginning at the right time? By using the Downshift Board® you can actually see and feel these movements without guessing.  #TheBoardDontLie

In addition to seeing how and when your pressure is moving, you can actual train to move your lower body more efficiently and sequence correctly.  Unlike speed training,  sequence trainings allows you to deliver the club to the ball optimally and actually put the club on the ball correctly.  Speed training is great for waking up the nervous system but if there are inefficiencies with your swing sequence, you won't be able to deliver an effective strike on the ball.  We are building a set of protocols to teach your feet and legs how to wake up and leverage the ground to sequence your swing correctly.  Less effort + more efficient movement = longer and straighter shots without the strain.  

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Downshift Board Orange Green
Cost $79 $129 $129
Size 30x15in 24x13in 30x15in
Material Wood Plastic Wood
Grip Material Anti-Slip Grip Tape None/Plastic Outdoor Carpet
Design Inspiration Skateboard Rectangle Rectangle
Warranty 3 Years Unknown Unknown

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Well designed and manufactured

Great looking. Works for learning the weight shift sequence. Definitely worth the cost!

matt soza

The Downshift Board

Michael Fortaleza
Great Product

Such a great product. Just getting the feel of the weight transfers helps not only me, but my family and friends that are still learning this sport.

Nathan Stubbs

The Downshift Board

Thomas Smith
Cool aid

Was skeptical but it actually helps with weight transfer.