The Downshift Pressure Board

$79.00 USD

Join the thousands of athletes and coaches who train with the Downshift Board

  • Create Power Effortlessly: Effortless Power > Powerless Effort Create effortless power by shifting pressure and weight at the correct time
  • Real Time Feedback: See your pressure and weight shifts instead of guessing.  Knowing if and when you shift is critical to using the powerful clean strikes that utilize linear forces
  • Train Anywhere: Teaching the feet and lower body how to react doesn't require hitting a ball or swinging a club.  Learning the movement first without a ball or club makes transferring the movement to the swing 10X easier. Indoors, Outdoors, with or without a club or ball, the choice is yours
  • Functional Power and Speed:  Improper sequencing does not allow for an efficient strike on the ball. Using the Downshift Board teaches you to start the swing from the ground up to allow for a better Kinematic and Kinetic Sequence.  Translation: Effortless Power > Powerless Effort
  • Support: 2 Year Warranty, 45 day return policy

Customer Reviews

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Michael Fitzpatrick
Fantastic Service

This company gave me exceptional service, I purchased goods and paid for delivery, only to be contacted by the company owner to tell me he was refunding my delivery charge because t where the goods were being dispatched from was local to me, he didn’t have to do that and how many other companies would do the same, thank you Jeff👍

Brad Holmgren

Sometimes the most simple ideas make a big difference. This gives me the feel of getting to my left side earlier.


Good simple pressure board. Well made. I glued a rubber strip along center ridge to keep from slipping on floor.

Rob Milnthorp
Excellent Training Aid

Extremely intuitive tool to ensure proper sequencing.

Anthony Zastro
Great for muscle memory

Love how the downshift helps me with my transition from backswing to impact!

Why Shift Pressure?

Pressure to the lead side is essential to powering the golf swing efficiently. It also helps with angle of attack and face control for longer straighter shots

Immediate Insights

No need for expensive Force Plates! The Downshift Pressure Board provides immediate feedback on your pressure shifts, allowing for more accurate adjustments. Achieve optimal sequence training for impactful, straighter, and longer shots with minimal effort.

Shift your Pressure to Unlock Speed and Power

Explore the power of vertical forces with the Downshift Pressure Board! Train to utilize ground reaction forces effectively, improving your swing acceleration and power in accordance with Newton's Third Law, starting your golf swing from the ground up.

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