Downshift Board Case Study: 18 Handicap Gains 30 Yards with the Downshift Board and Improved Low Point Control

Thank you Sarah Stone for this video and congratulations on the Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers in America Award! Although I've done a lot of research on GRF's and how the Downshift Board improves Ground Reaction Forces (GRF's), I thought I would use this video as an example of what a proper pressure shift can do for the average golfer. 

This 18 handicap struggled with low point control, distance, and a few over correction of golf concepts which created quite a few issues for him. Often times, golfers will read an article or see a video and just overdo what's being taught. By using the Downshift Board, he was able to organize his swing more efficiently because rather than starting the swing with his hands and arms, he started it by shifting his pressure from his lead foot to his trail foot (lateral pressure shift) which allowed him create a "cleaner" backswing by utilizing the momentum of the shift to move the club.  The effect of making a cleaner backswing allowed the downswing to sequence better and his footwork/pressure trace was a lot more balanced as well.

Swing Catalyst Pressure Trace Before Downshift Board 

Pressure Trace Before (notice the jagged line)

Swing Catalyst Pressure Trace After Downshift Board

Pressure Trace After (much smoother and linear )

Swing Before Downshift Board

Swing Before (notice how his wrist angle has been thrown out)

Swing During Downshift Board Work

Swing During Downshift Board Work (keeping his wrist angle and looking more athletic)

Subsequently, this led to a more consistent low point which led to better strikes, more distance, as well as more consistent distance control. I think I'd be happy with a thirty yard increase in one session, wouldn't you?

Launched one year ago from Jeff's garage, the Downshift Board has become a staple training aid from beginners, juniors, elite college players, long driver professionals, Epson Tour, LPGA ,KLPGA,  Korn Ferry and PGA players and coaches around the world due to its skateboard inspired design, ease of use, and affordability. 

 Start Downshifting today!