Downshft Golf Project Redline Fitness GRF Swing Trainer

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Train your torque and vertical forces with Project Redline

The Downshift Pressure Board has helped thousands of golfers train and improve their lateral pressure shifts and vertical force, however it does not train A/P forces also commonly known as torque.  A big misconception is that golfers need to spin the hips open right away and quickly however it requires the proper kinetic sequence to happen effectively.

Lateral (side to side) -> Rotational (torque)-> Vertical

I initially created Project Redline to help athletes improve overall strength, improve golf specific movements but I quickly realized how Project Redline could be implemented to create and train Ground Reaction Forces anywhere without the need for fancy equipment. 

How does Project Redline Train these forces?

RNT: Reactive Neuromuscular Training

Technical Definition: This type of training focuses on appropriate body positioning and posture to promote proper dynamic muscular stabilization during functional activities, thus allowing for the control of abnormal joint translation.

In a nutshell, a band will pull you in the opposite direction that you need to apply the force. By using resistance, the appropriate muscles fire and the learn the movement more quickly so that it translates to the desired movement. Here is a great demonstration from Swing Catalyst

By using the door anchor that is included with Project Redline, the athlete does not need another person holding the band so anyone can train these forces at home with drills such as these.  Research has shown 25-50% increases in torque and vertical forces which translates to about 3-5 mph increases in swing speed just through RNT drills.   Check out Be Better Golf's gains in just a few minutes of using a pull up band like similar to our $25 Project Redline Travel Kit

What else does Project Redline Train?

Aside from GRF's, you can utilize Project Redline to train golf specific movements and muscle as well, especially the core.  Although some companies will tell you that the core is engine of the golf swing, the core actually transfers the energy and power from the ground, into the upper body and into the arms, hands, club etc...Imagine playing with old action figures that had their lower bodies attached to their upper bodies with a rubber band.

And just like the GI Joes, our cores get wobbly and need new to tighten up that rubber band. Unfortunately we can't just get a new O Ring but we can tighten and strengthen that core to tighten our rubber band. 

What Sets Project Redline Apart from Others?

Variability and progressive resistance are the keys to muscle growth. If you only have one set of resistance, the only way to gain any more muscle is variability but if your muscles have already adapted from a previous exercise, variability will only take you so far.   We included FOUR bands with THREE different resistance levels to allow the athlete to created different combinations of resistance. 

We didn't skimp out like other companies and use plastic carabiners and rubber. Instead we opted to use steel to give the athlete confidence that the carabiner won't crack or snap.

In addition, Project Redline includes our Stabilizer Bar as well as a pair of handles to allow for different hand positions.  Our Stabilizer Bar allows for bilateral training so you can do compound movements not just unilateral single sided movements. We also included a door anchor to allow you to train anywhere in your house.  

Resistance Bands:

Each band is 52 Inches Long

Two Light Bands (Red)

One Medium Band (Gray)

One Heavy Band (Black)







Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Michael McAllister
Great quality product

Love the swing trainer, everything indeed for my work out and optionally for various resistance level bands. Good quality product and well made. I recommend it with fairwaygolf fitness program.

Mel Woolf

Great value for the equipment provided. Needs routines, but they seem aware.

Christa Wellershoff
No guidance for excerzise

I miss exercize guidance which I would Expect for such an expensive Training tool

HI Christa,
Sorry about that, I was on track to make videos for Project Redline but was derailed with a serious illness and have not had time to make videos yet. I am always available to answer and help customers like yourself with guidance. I will send you an email right now to help you get started. Thank you again for your patience and patronage of my one man operation! Jeff

Cameron Smith
Great Products

Using them with the Golf Fairway Fitness Program, I love it.

Joachim Kwapisz

Everything was perfect

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